Run by a human

Hi, I'm Qing. I run Quotion.

Quotion is a bootstrapped indie product built and run by a human.

Quotion is a small SaaS run by a human who is passionate about creating products and helping others; it is not a large corporation nor is it supported by millions of dollars in venture capital. The journey has never been easy, but it's been extraordinarily rewarding.

As an indie product, we are not bound by corporate policies or investor demands. This empowers us to be flexible and respond quickly to changes, while keeping our focus on you, our users. Our decisions are based solely on what's best for you, not what's best for a board of directors.

I created Quotion because I love using Apple Notes to organize my thoughts, inspirations, and projects. I have been using it for years and always wanted to share my notes with the world. I got inspired by SaaS like feather, which converts Notion pages into blog sites. So I left my job as a software engineer at Microsoft to build Quotion. I believe that Apple Notes users deserve an excellent service to publish their notes effortlessly. I also think that publishing notes should be easy to use and accessible to every Apple Notes user. Every change I make in Quotion is based on this fundamental belief.

Thank you for choosing Quotion and for supporting indie products. I am so excited to continue our journey together, improving Quotion daily and exceeding your expectations.

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Create your blogs directly from Apple Notes.

Say goodbye to complex CMS updates and management issues!

You focus on creating quality content while Quotion takes care of the rest.