Quotion vs Montaigne

Quotion is a more beautiful, powerful alternative to Montaigne

Hi, there! You may knew that both Quotion and Montaigne are services to help you build websites with Apple Notes.

You may wonder: What's the differences between them? Which one should I use? Or should I move over to Quotion? This no-nonsense preview is made for you.

Feature/Capability key:

  • βœ… Fully supported
  • 🟑 Partial supported, or need paid plans
  • ❌ Not supported
Click on βœ… 🟑 to learn more about the feature
PricingFree / $9(Lite) / $19(Pro) / $199(Enterprise)Free / $5(Start) / $12(Pro)
Apple Notes formatsβœ… Yes, freeβœ… Yes, free
Subdomainβœ… Yes, freeβœ… Yes, free
OpenGraph imagesβœ… Yes, freeβœ… Yes, free
Custom layoutβœ… Yes, free🟑 Pro only and limited
Custom design
βœ… Yes, free🟑 Pro only
Web analyticsβœ… Yes, free🟑 Pro only
SEO-friendlyβœ… Yes, free❌ No
KaTeXβœ… Yes, free❌ No
Weekly analytics reportβœ… Yes, free❌ No
Inline PDFβœ… Yes, free❌ Can only view PDFs in new tabs
Markdownβœ… Yes, free🟑 Footernotes syntax only
Full site searchβœ… Yes, free🟑 Pro only
Custom domain🟑 Pro+ only🟑 $2 to unblock
Inject JavaScript & CSS🟑 Pro+ only❌ No
Comment widgets🟑 Pro+ only❌ No
Newsletter❌ No🟑 Yes, Start+ only
Apple sign in❌ Noβœ… Yes

Realworld examples

Let's take a closer look at official blog sites of both services, they are built with their own services.

Montaigne blog

As you can see, the Quotion blog looks more beautiful and premium, on the other hand, the Montaigne blog looks more lightweight and concise.

Features only available on Quotion

There are many feature only available on Quotion, let's take a look:

Design dashboard
Preview design options and inject custom CSS & JavaScript
Supported basic & advanced markdown syntax (Callout, in this example)
SEO options
SEO options
Web analytics
Web analytics
Weekly analytics report
Weekly analytics report email
Comment widgets
Built-in comment widgets


Both Quotion and Montaigne are great, you can make the decision based your specific needs.

Create your blogs directly from Apple Notes.

Say goodbye to complex CMS updates and management issues!

You focus on creating quality content while Quotion takes care of the rest.