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Add more landing page content

We have included three new feature sections on the landing page, highlighting the following benefits: retaining 100% ownership of your content, tailoring it to reflect your brand, and enjoying turbocharged performance out of the box. Additionally, we have integrated a customer rating widget to show customer satisfaction.

Chat widget

We've added a chat widget to both the landing page and the dashboard. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.

Enhanced video experience

You can now paste any browser-playable video into your notes, such as .mp4, .webm, or .wmv files. Previously, we only supported Apple QuickTime videos like .mov. Additionally, readers now have more video controls available on the site.

Enhanced checklist experience

We have enhanced the checklist experience by aligning the style of the checklist with Apple Notes.

Lite plan

Introducing the Lite plan: a better option for individuals or small teams. It is much more affordable compared to the Pro plan, and it also includes essential features that are suitable for professionals to use.

Export notes as markdown

You can export your notes as markdown files inQuotion Dashboardnow, and you can share them with anyone. Checkoutthe docfor detailed steps.


You can style your Quotion sites as you like:

  • ✅ Change font
  • ✅ Change branding colors
  • ✅ Change background color
  • ✅ Toggle controls
  • ✅ Custom CSS
  • ✅ Custom JavaScript

Checkout our brand new doc if you want to build a fancy progress bar like I did in the video:CSS &JS examples.

Demo video from the creator

We have uploaded a youtube video to show you how to turn your Apple Notes folder into a blog. Click the play button to watch it now.

Post slug languages

Quotion now supports more languages for post slugs, like Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc. Previously, we only supported English.

New analytics experience

The analytics page now has a new look; we've added icons to distinguish different types of metrics. It also supports more devices, such as tablets and mobile phones. Try it onQuotion Dashboard.

Create your blogs directly from Apple Notes.

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